The Leverage Corporation is a specialist sports marketing and events company. With a keen focus on Mountain Biking, we are a market leader in the sector hosting some of the most prestigious events as well as a number of smaller customised corporate events.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients, making sure we help integrate their sponsorship, not only into the marketing mix, but their business mix as well.

Founded in 2002, one of the first tasks charged to The Leverage Corporation was the startup of the now infamous Team Barloworld Professional Cycling team, that saw South African cycling placed firmly on the map in 2007 at the Tour de France.

Since then, The Leverage Corporation has been intimately involved in cycling, specifically mountain biking, and we now own some of the most prestigious, and certainly the most upmarket events in the country.

What follows is a brief overview of The Leverage Corporation events in the mountain biking arena, and lastly, we have dedicated a section showing you some of the events we have managed on behalf of our clients. 

These include big budget product or event launches, custom golfing events, conferencing and bespoke cycling events.The Leverage Corporation has a number of specialist service divisions, and these can be categorised as follows:

* Sponsorship Activation, Consulting & Management
* Event Management* Specialised Golf Programmes
* Custom Hospitality and Entertainment Programmes

We aim to provide the best possible solutions for our clients, and our mission is that "Nothing is Impossible"


We are a company dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service, and ultimately providing more bang for their buck. But, that still doesn't stop us from having a bit of fun every now and again. ased in Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa, we believe in giving our clients more than they can get anywhere else for the same investment.

We strive to be better and we are constantly finding ourselves on a learning curve, as the international boundaries are broken down.

Give us a call and see how we can help you.


There are over 900 MTB events throughout the country and they range from the Absa Cape Epic to the Nedbank Sani2C to the Bredasdorp Primary School MTB Challenge. Given the amount of events that take place, our philosophy has been to create events that offer significantly more value and a more up-market experience. As a result, you will find we charge up to 100% more for some events than others do, but we offer 200% more value. Our adage is that we will rather have 100 riders paying R1000 than 1000 riders paying R100. So we tend to attract the more upmarket riders, and as a result, we attract the car park. At our events you will see more luxury vehicles than almost any other event the country.

So we strive to add value to our riders, but at the same time, we also add value to our sponsors in ways other event organisers don't. If you were to become a sponsor to any of our events, we would, as part of the value add, make you a co-sponsor to all of our other events, giving you, the sponsor, a footprint for an 11 month period versus a one-off sponsorship. 

This affords you, as the sponsor, the opportunity to engage your MTB fraternity, both internally and externally on a regular and consistent basis.

We believe that this is one of our biggest selling tools. Value to the rider and value to the sponsor. All events have a strong family focus, so if Dad is out riding, Mom can take the kiddies on a special Kiddies Ride, enjoy a complimentary massage, and generally relax and wait until she can join hubby for a scrumptious meal after the ride, and enjoy some live entertainment.

We also boast a database of in excess of 

18 000 active MTB'ers and our sponsors have access to this.

Why should you select sponsoring a cycling event as part of your promotional and communications plans? 

Sponsorship is most effective over a longer period and the association of your company/ brand to MTB’ing takes time to build. Conversely, the association once built has long staying power. 

Sponsorship may cost less than equivalent advertising costs. It also brings the opportunity to carry out promotional activities in a wide and rich way and the ability to get closer to your various stakeholder groups, unlike advertising. 

That is why one should always look at a 3 to 5 year programme. Research has shown that a sustainable sponsorship programme amongst your desired target group shows better results over a 5 year period than 3 years.


When getting involved in sponsoring an initiative or event, many only look to the sponsorship as to how it integrates into the marketing mix.

We will address the marketing imperatives later, but many overlook how to integrate the sponsorship into the business mix, and this, in our opinion, is where the real value lies.

Sponsoring one of The Leverage Corporation MTB events affords you the opportunity to mix with your clients on an informal basis. If one compares golfing to MTB’ing, as one of our clients put it… “When you play golf, you just play. When you ride, you sometimes struggle, and struggling with a client in a similar environment is where the real bond is formed and where the real opportunities arise to do business.”

But not only do you have direct interactions with your clients, but other key influencers from your client base. In short, your entire stakeholder base, be it clients, suppliers, staff etc.

Over and above this, and this is often overlooked, is the opportunity to interact with other sponsors in The Leverage Corporation stable. And this is where other business opportunities lie. 







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