The Glorious Gravel Series

The Glorious Gravel Series


Introducing “The Glorious Gravel Series” presented by The Leverage Corporation, a pioneering force in crafting exhilarating mountain bike events.

With a legacy of delivering top-tier adventures, we’re now venturing into the world of gravel cycling. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through rugged landscapes and unexplored trails.

Our series promises unforgettable experiences, a vibrant community of riders, and the chance to conquer nature’s challenges on two wheels. Join us in celebrating the untamed beauty of gravel cycling in “The Glorious Gravel Series.”

What is Gravel Riding

Gravel cycling, often called “gravel grinding,” is a captivating blend of adventure and freedom on two wheels. The joys of gravel cycling lie in the exploration of untamed terrain, where smooth roads yield to rugged paths and hidden landscapes. Sometimes roads are smooth, sometimes not. 

After all… We live in South Africa, and not even the dirt roads can escape the infestation of potholes…

Riders revel in the sense of freedom and discovery as they meander through low-traffic routes offering a serene escape from the hustle of city life, allowing cyclists to savour the solitude of nature. 

Gravel cycling fosters a unique camaraderie riders who share stories, challenges, and the thrill of conquering uncharted roads, making it an exhilarating and soul-nourishing experience.

On offer in 2024, we have the following:

The Grind Reverse
20 January

  • 160km or
  • 70km

Luxliner Route 66 2-Day Gravel Experience, our first Gravel Stage Race
2 & 3 March

  • 100km on Saturday
  • 60km on Sunday

The Cradle Mountain Trophy
13 April

  • 100km or
  • 70km or
  • 40km

Magalies Rocks the Cradle
24 August

  • 100km or
  • 70km or
  • 40km

The Greyton Glorious Gravel 2-Day Experience
September 2024

  • 160km – Day 1
  • 100km – Day 2

The Magalies Adventure
26 October

  • 100km or
  • 70km or
  • 40km