The Leverage Corporation

Our Events Make Memories…

Welcome to our website. Spend a bit of time finding out who we are and have a look at what we do.

We, as The Leverage Corporation, are a specialist sports marketing and events company.

We host a number of high-profile mountain bike and trail running events, and we have over 20 years worth of experience in the industry. Plus we offer much more, from bespoke cycling and trail tours, to customised golfing events, product launches and more.

We believe in creating and managing events that add value to you as the participant, and to you as the sponsor. This has been our mantra and will continue to be.

We get it….. Active, exciting and healthy lifestyles are important to all of us. And we want to give you something that wants you to come back for more.

After all, we are about COLLECTING MEMORIES, NOT THINGS….

Except nice bikes, and other things like that of course….